Administration of a Web page on the Internet

The Websites must be created by multidisciplinary teams, to offer punctual and useful information for Internet users.

Administration of a Web page on the Internet | Websites Management | The Websites must be created by multidisciplinary teams, to offer punctual and useful information for Internet users

Currently all companies have their own webpage. Althoughiscommon for many of them to don’t provide any success to the business.

Is some one who can hold a hammer in his hand a professional carpenter?
Or some one able to build a wall more orlessright, under stands architechture? No?

Probably the problem with the Web pages is something similar

A Web page designerissomeoneabletoprogram Web pages and manage a Web editor or an graphic program. And if there are more than one person then we have an agency. But companies generally don’t have enough knowledge to distinguish between grain and straw.

Making money with a Web is a reality. Sometimes a very profitable reality. But in order to make it there are two basic is sues that we must care:

  • Visibility - Every one must find it
  • Usability - Every one else must understand its message and/or the offer

The world of Internet content, commerce and advertisingare converging and colliding, revealingenormous possibilities and in come sources.

Untilrecently, it was very difficult to exploit the possibilities offered by this change because of the lack of formats, protocols and standard tools today.

Now adays there are tools that accelerate the development and encourage the convergence of the yester year world, separated from the content, commerce and advertising.

The basis for this are solid. The next “Internet Generation” issettling: programming languages such as JavaScript, stylesheetslike CSS3 and the bright future that HTML5 offers. Protocols like HTTP, FTP, metadatalanguages such as Resource Description Framework (RDF).

Recently, websites are being “user experiences”.

Users will exchange the ir valuable time to live experiences that containtimely, important and necessary information.

The best sites will create these worlds adding contect, commerce and advertisingfrom a multitude of creative and uniquesournces.

The interaction of these conflicting worlds are revealing new business, products and service models.

These standard protocols will be used to generalize the buy button. A trader will create digital content and integrate business logic in it. For example, control of loyalty and digital property rights.

As this evolves, what constitutes “fairtrade” in user’s time, protection and purchasing poweris experiencing a fast and profound change.

Content providers that understand and balance this fundamental change will be able to commercialize and generalize their digital values ​​in order to take advantage of new pricing, advertising and distribution models.

Web sites are presented as information structures to be created in terms of projects based onwork in multidisciplinary teams. The stages involved in its design, construction and maintenance are set.

Aspects related to the quality of the contents, standarization, use, accessibility and retrieval of Web sites are emphasized.

Websites, information structures

Websites are information structures like many others, with the singularities that provide peculiar features as:

  • Hypertext
  • Graphical form
  • Access
  • Interactivity

Therefore, like any other document, they must be critically designed and conceived in terms of project.

There are currently enormous facilities for editing Web sites, it's easy to create themand putthem into the public domain.

Consequently, the Web is filled with many sites of low value, rigor and quality, either by its content or format and structured eficiencies.

Web sites creation don’t always respond to clear contents or recovery purposes, not all sites are created to be used and found. Sometimes its creation obeys only to the need for a presence on the Web without clear objectives.

Those that submit information on the Web, mostly have a lack of knowledge of this media, their tools and their potential in terms of presentation and information transfer.

They don’t previously plan what they can do with their Web site. They even consider such planning unnecessary.

They are more concerned about the visual and technical aspects related to the operation than the contents and structure.

Websites must be created by multidisciplinary teams

A Web Teams hould incorporate be sides computer and/or telecommunications engineers (which are classicresponsibles), technicians from other disciplines likely to combine contributions such as:

  • Librarians, archivists
  • Graphic designers
  • Journalist so reditors
  • Technicians in information ergonomics
  • marketspecialists

Website managing objetive

Itaims to make the user know the basis for content managing strategies and managing a successful web site.

The idea of this site is the Web as a field of opportunities and challenges, projects and content generation strategies, successful Web site management with process management.

specific objetives

  1. Learn the basics and history of Internet
  2. Manage tools and settings required for the creation of a Web site
  3. The student musthave the ability to manage and provide maintenance to a website

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Administration of a Web page on the Internet.
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