Natural or organic positioning in SEO search engines

To appear in the top positions of search engines, it is convenient to consider a series of key pieces in the development of content.

Natural or organic positioning in SEO search engines | Websites Management | To appear in the top positions of search engines, it is convenient to consider a series of key pieces in the development of content

To get a search engine, especially Google, to recognize that tracking a site and placing it at the top of its natural results depends to a large extent on the quality of the web's content.

To appear in the top positions of the search engines, it is convenient to take into account other series of "key pieces" in terms of the development of content:

  • Standard code: to ensure that the content of a website is of quality, the first step is use in its construction the standard code (usually HTML, XHTML or HTML5). The process is as follows: the search engine to track the content of a page, but does not stay with the text that is displayed on the screen, but with the code with which the web has been designed. This code is the one that the main search engines recognize in their Internet tracking and, therefore, its use is essential, if you want your page to be indexed by any of them
  • Keywords: are the terms that define the activity of the company and therefore must be carefully selected for searches

There are free tools on the Internet that help to know the position of each word in the search engine ranking. For example, Website Popularity, Link Popularity Check or the best known Free Monitor for Google, an excellent and simple tool that allows you to check the position of a website on Google based on the determined keywords.

The factors to take into account in the selection of keywords are:

  • It is important that the keywords appear in the title of the page, since it must be descriptive of the activity of the company. In this sense, including a title with keywords in each of the pages of a website, may be optimal for positioning
  • The use of keywords in the headlines of text also increases the effectiveness of the searches, because it is assumed that it appears in a headline for it, the rest of the text be seen on that topic
  • You should not restore the content of the page with keywords, because to include them repeatedly can be negatively assessed by browsers
  • It is convenient to highlight the keywords in some way, with bold, italics, etc., but always from the source code, not only where they are visualized
  • Although less important than the previous ones, the domain name should also include some reference to the company or its activity
  • Web Architecture: although it is not content itself, there are a number of elements that can significantly influence the optimal positioning of the site. In order to create a good web architecture, factors such as the following must be controlled:
    • Optimal redaction of the content of the web page, in such a way that, besides being attractive for the visitor, it is attractive for the robots of the search engines
    • Control over the internal links of the website, that is, about the texts used to link, about the number of links and, in general, about everything related to links between the pages of the site
    • Influence links to other web pages with content similar to their own, understood not as the number of links, but as quality in the text that is linked with reference to the keywords used
    • Keeping updated the contents of the site, as well as being aware of the latest technological developments in programming, servers, etc., will facilitate the management of content and therefore, it can also be a factor that helps to gain positions in the search engines
    • The age of the pages can positively influence the positioning of the web, by offering search engines confidence in the pages that have been in use for some time

Links by merit

Not all the links that are achieved towards a web have the same relevance.

This means that it is not the same, in the face of positioning, the links obtained by own means, such as those obtained by means of payment, or what is the same, the links obtained by the payment option are not taken into account. account in the natural positioning of search engines.

If your site has good content, there will be many websites that decide to link freely to yours, which will lead to a rise in your site, in the ranking of search engines, for example in the Google PageRank.

In the same way, as already mentioned above, it is interesting for your positioning that your web link to others with similar content to yours.

Among the factors that are taken into account, as relevant to receive links from other websites, are:

  • The so-called text anchor or anchor text (<a>): is the highlighted text through which you access the linked website. Its relevance lies in the fact that the text is indicative of the link
  • The popularity of the incoming links will also influence the improvement of the positioning
  • The content of the referring website is important, mainly if it is about pages with the same theme
  • The age of the pages from which the link comes can also include in the positioning of the site

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Natural or organic positioning in SEO search engines.
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