Main variants of UNIX

Currently, the most widespread versions of UNIX are the following.

Main variants of UNIX | Websites Management | Currently, the most widespread versions of UNIX are the following

Currently, the most widespread versions of UNIX are the following:


This is the name by which the operating system of Sun Microsystems is known.

It was originally called SunOS and was based on UNIX System V version 2 and BSD version 4.3

Subsequently, due to the presentation of UNIX System V version 4 a new version was developed called Solaris. There are versions of Solaris for Power PC, Intel and SPARC platforms.


The UNIX system version for IBM machines is called AIX and is based on System V version 3 and BSD 4.3

Currently there is a version for PowerPC processors. Includes support for MOTIF and a partial implementation of CDE (Common Desktop Environment).


Implementation of UNIX in Apple.


It is the version of UNIX made by the computer manufacturer Hewllet-Packard, based on UNIX System V version 2


UNIX version developed by Silicon Graphics for its UNIX-based stations System V version 4.


The version of Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) is based on System V / 386 version 3.2, a version of UNIX System V designed for Intel platforms.


Started as a simple project by Linus Torvalds, a student at the University of Helsinki in the early nineties.

At present it has spread enormously all over the world and there are millions of users, both individuals and companies, that use a Linux operating system.


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