Types of Sites on the Internet - Analysis of Web projects

You will not have many opportunities to create a successful website if you have not decided what it will be used for. The most common types of Internet sites are.

Types of Sites on the Internet - Analysis of Web projects | Websites Management | You will not have many opportunities to create a successful website if you have not decided what it will be used for. The most common types of Internet sites are

Planning a Web site

The last thing you need before you experience the joy of making your first tricks of Web creation is buried under an avalanche of theory.However, all new authors can save time and effort conducting some planning before embarking on developing an entire site.

Types of sites

You won’t havemany opportunities to create a successfulwebsite if you haven’t decided what it will serve.

Some people have a very specific goal in mind (like being hired for a job or promote a book), while others simply plan to unleash his expressions.

The following list shows the different types of Web sites you can create:


Personal sites are about yourself. Depending of the world you get more familiar withthe Web, it seems that all people build homes online.

Whether it's to share photos, chronicling a trip or just typing your last thoughts and obsessions, it is no longer unusual to have a personal website.

Whenyou'redesign in git, ambition is the goal. If you just wantthewebite to talk to friends or share photos, you can save the effort using a social network like Facebook.

If you want to display a daily record of your life, a personal blog should be enough.

If you are more ambitious, you want complete control over the design or Web site that brings together various interests, a customized page is the business card of a user with a true style.

Curriculum Vitae

CV sites can be powerful tools in the career

Instead of photocopying lots of papersof your career, why not send emails and distribute cards that target toyour CV online?

Best of all, as links to companies in which you have workedor online portfolio samples.


Thematic Web sites focus on a particular theme.

If you are more interested in building a website on your:

  • Favorite music
  • Art
  • Books
  • Food
  • Political movements
  • Etc.

This is your place.

Before creating a theme website, think if other people with the same interests will worry about a visit and take a look at the existing ones on the subject.

The bestones invite others with the same interests to join them. The worst ones show the same ten or twelve linksthat can be found on any page.


These websites are not designed to last for years; they are focused on a specific event.

The most common example is a wedding website. Event organizers create the website to provide directions, information, links to wedding lists and some romantic photos.

When the link ends the website disappears or is transformed into something else (like a personal website chronicling the honeymoon).

Other events that can be treated similarly include:

  • political events
  • Concerts
  • Sports and cultural events
  • Family meetings
  • Costume parties
  • Protest marches
  • Etc.


Promotional sites are ideal when you want to display a CD produced by oneself or books fresh from the press.

They are designed to expand news about a specific item, whether handmade pottery or your own software.

Sometimes, these websites are evolving to small businesses where online articles can be sold.

Small Businesses (Ecommerce)

These sites have the most successful use of the network:

  • selling anything from portable music players to prescription medicine.

E-commerce sites are so widespread that it is hard to believe that when the network firstappeared the fact of making money was not in anyone's mind.

Creating a complete e-commerce site like Amazon.com or eBay, exceeds the capabilities of a single person, as it needs the maintenance of complex programs and programming languages with the cooperation of dozens of people.

Innovative companies like Pay Paland Yahoo offer subscription services that can help youbuild a shopping cart website and accept credit card payments.

You can also host GoogleAds to earn some money.


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Types of Sites on the Internet - Analysis of Web projects.
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