Offline and online - Traditional marketing and Internet

Companies start to invest time, money and effort in campaigns through the Internet, but the Web is a means of two-way communication.

Offline and online - Traditional marketing and Internet | Websites Management | Companies start to invest time, money and effort in campaigns through the Internet, but the Web is a means of two-way communication

The connection between offline and online

Let's talk now about the www addresses, which made their debut only a few years ago in traditional radio and television advertising. Since then, it is almost a matter of good taste for any company to include the Web address in posters and advertisements, and even print it on their products.

A much more interesting way was the one that the Ferrero company took, introducing in each Kinder Surprise a little leaf with a secret access code. Online games for young and old children were offered on the website.

When announcing web pages by radio it is very important that listeners:

  • They can easily remember the domain name
  • And have no doubts about how to write the address

Since short and easy names are current currencies on the Internet, many entrepreneurs use scripts in your domain. Of course, it is best to book and guarantee both forms (with and without a dash), and even other possible variants. Otherwise, you run the risk of having to compete very soon with very similar names in the unscripted variant.

The clothing company C & A experienced painfully in September 2000. They had stamped Internet addresses invented in 60,000 sweatshirts, then not knowing what to do with all those addresses, and not having previously reserved the name, a third company acquired them and used them to publish pornographic content in them.

What then according to a newspaper, was described by one of the heads of C & A as an "incredibly dirty play", could also be described as stupid negligence on the part of the multinational regarding the Web.

It may be that in a very short time the new trend of the USA in which the offline world relates to online addresses will spread throughout the world.

One way to offer a different image in that country is to eliminate the postal address, the telephone number and the e-mail addresses from the business cards, leaving only the name of the company, the name of the person and the position held.

Below is simply added: google me. We all know the prestige that represents that the greatest seeker in the world shows you in a preeminent place. Anyway, it is advisable to keep a package of old business cards, you never know what mood swings can affect the functioning of Google.


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Offline and online - Traditional marketing and Internet.
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