PHP License of use – Open Source

PHP is a free language. This term refers to the type of license that has, basically, three points or freedoms.

PHP License of use – Open Source | Learn PHP & MySQL | PHP is a free language. This term refers to the type of license that has, basically, three points or freedoms

PHP is a "free" language. This term refers to the type of license that has, basically, three points or "freedoms":

  1. The first freedom is to use the program (PHP)
  2. The second is to be able to modify the program by accessing its source code
  3. The third is to distribute the modified program or not
License PHP

La licencia de PHP está disponible en o, también, viene junto con el programa en el archivo license.txt

The redistribution, modification and use of PHP are allowed under the following rules (license version 3.0):

  1. The redistribution of the PHP source code must always be accompanied by the PHP license and copyright
  2. You cannot use the PHP name to promote your products, unless you have written permission from the PHP group

There is no commercial company behind PHP.

The continuous improvements and advances within the language result from a large community of developers who contribute, without obtaining commercial returns, with:

  • Source code
  • Support to other users through mailing lists
  • Review of the program for errors
  • Notification of security failures and more

On this basis a license is held that, precisely, ensures the freedom of the language and does not allow under any concept that someone obtain commercial benefits of PHP and be the owner of the language: this is the spirit of the license.

When an application is developed and sold to third parties, the amount charged is not the programming language but the solution to a problem, the time invested in the development, the support, or another particular.


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PHP License of use – Open Source.
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